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Health & Wellbeing


If you want to achieve calm, clarity, well-being and energy, then this is for you.
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10 Day Express Detox

This challenge balances the PH in your body, this reduces inflammation and allows you to feel a better in the long term when you have completed it successfully.
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Express 10 Day Weightloss

Sometimes you just need results fast. Using a 10 day treatment plan with support, you take a highly nutritious shake for gradual meal replacement which includes all your daily vitamin and mineral needs.
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NutriClean Detox

This Detox is a fabulous way of introducing a regime that gains fast and effective results including maintaining a healthy weight if followed correctly, and with guaranteed initial weight loss.
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Hormone Challenge

If you can recognise the signs and symptoms of estrogen imbalance such as bloating, fatigue, weight gain, moodiness or emotional imbalance, headaches/migraines, hot flushes, sugar cravings and irregular or heavy periods.
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Thyroid Challenge

The thyroid has one of the most important roles of the endocrine system. Hyperthyroidism occurs when the body creates too much thyroxin, and this leads to increased activity within your cells.
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