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Express 10 day detox challenge


This Detox  is exactly the same as the 10 day weightloss challenge but instead of being purely designed for weight loss, it includes a shake specifically designed for people who have had a period of taking medication and are feeling depleted. Perhaps you have an altered metabolic rate due to convalescence or injury in the past and are having trouble getting back to 100 percent vitality. If you have simply had a period of excess on holidays or over the festive period, this is a good challenge to get yourself to rid yourself of all those toxins and reset a little and help your liver get back on track quicker. This challenge balances the PH in your body, this reduces inflammation and allows you to feel a better in the long term when you have completed it successfully.

Includes initial consultation, diet plan sheet and ongoing support. 1 x tub of Ultra clear PH sustain and 1 x liver supplement to maintain healthy liver Detox.