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30 day Thyroid Challenge


The thyroid has one of the most important roles of the endocrine system. Hyperthyroidism occurs when the body creates too much thyroxin, and this leads to increased activity within your cells. Hypothyroidism is when the body does not create enough thyroxin and leads to decreased activity within the cells. Pharmaceutical drugs, poor diet, and toxins are making these conditions worse but often are overlooked as ageing or stress related. And often can be exacerbated by these factors but are not untreatable by any means.

Symptoms include:- Weight gain, sensitivity, lethargy, low mood and fertility problems. This challenge addresses those symptoms. Also available in vegetarian.

Supplements included:-

Nutri thyroid- Hormone free thyroid concentrate to support the thyroid. Provides essential fatty acids from a bovine source of New Zealand fed cattle (vegetarian option available).

T-convert- The mukle myrrh tree exudes a resin called gum guggle which supports the conversion of thyroid hormones in the body. Also contains magnesium, zinc and copper for healthy thyroid function.

Nutri adrenal extra- Provides a comprehensive and potent support for adrenal functions. Combatting stress functions and hormonal response.