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Who is this aimed at
People who are drained of energy, are stressed, need more mental clarity and focus plus better sleep. Perhaps been through a period of illness or convalescence. Perhaps just sick of feeling low and unwell or lost with all the information available and you need to know what is right for you. Through an in-depth consultation we can determine what course of treatment will be be best for you. Balancing blood sugar levels, boosting metabolism and small diet changes for boosting cellular production and all round better health with improved energy. If you want to achieve calm, clarity, well-being and energy, then this is for you.

What it includes

Dietary reform and eliminationSmoothie and juicing making for all nutrients needed or supplemental advice. (E.g Maca powder, ginkgo etc for energy and focus with vitamins and essential minerals) upon consultation.

  • 3 Month Package.
  • 3x Colonics
  • 1x Gall bladder flush
  • 1x supplement
  • 1x herbal infusion. (Wheatgrass or green coffee infusion can be effective)
  • 1 x powdered superfood juicing supplement or shake. Can be exchanged for extra supplementation dependant on lifestyle. Just ask.

All treatments above should be treated as individual and tailored treatments. Pre care and after care as standard should be a matter of course. Simply ask your practitioner for preferences as your treatment is unique to you and the above are only guidelines.