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LED Skin Treatment – The Opera Mask

The world renowned ‘Opera’ mask is not only a low-level light therapy LED facial mask that utilises 3 wavelengths to provide a multitude of skin rejuvenation treatments to the face and neck. It also incorporates the use of galvanic currents to further enhance results.

The LED and Galvanic therapies can be delivered together (sequentially) or as completely separate treatments, and also incorporated with other skin care and therapies.

The Infra RED light reaches deep into the skin layers, it causes a rejuvenating effect by stimulating collagen production, promoting cellular repair. It increases blood flow which elevates levels of oxygen and nutrients to the face and neck whilst helping remove waste products. The effects are;

  • Combating the signs of ageing (less wrinkles, fine lines, sagging skin)
  • Nourishing the dermal and deeper lying epidermal cells
  • Speeding up the healing process

The Blue light is proven to have anti-bacterial properties. These properties result in the destruction of bacteria such a those causing acne. It also helps purify the skin, stabilise all secreting glands and calms inflammation.

For teenagers and young adults with acne many prefer the Opera Mask treatment to drugs such as long term antibiotics or Roaccutane.

Combining the two visible lights with the infra red allows treatment of complex skin conditions. The mask operates at both wavelengths for visible purple light. This combines the properties of both the blue and the red light resulting in a combines acne and skin rejuvenating programme.

When to expect results

Some results such as radiant, glowing skin can be seen immediately after the first treatment. For wrinkle reduction, toned bright skin and acne prevention you will see results following a weekly personalised course of treatment.

LED Skin Treatment – The Opera Mask

Treatment Onset

3-5 Days

Treatment Recovery

1-2 Days


None/Numbing Cream


Doctor/Aesthetic Nurse

Duration of Results

3-4 Months

Procedure Time

20-30 Minutes

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