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Alice Goodwin, Jermaine Pennant’s Wife; Talks About FemiLift Experience with DD Clinical

February 2020

Alice Goodwin the glamour model wife of Jermain Pennant, recently spoke to the Daily Mail about her experience undergoing vaginal rejuvenation with DD Clinical.

Speaking in the interview she revealed that she had been struggling with her confidence since giving birth to her daughter 11 years ago.

‘As a model, I make my living by keeping in shape, but like all women, I found pregnancy really changed my body,’…”

Alice came to DD Clinical in November and underwent 3, 15-minute sessions. This long-lasting non-surgical solution helps tighten and tone the vaginal walls through a simple laser treatment. It’s ideal in helping to relieve conditions like stress urinary incontinence as well as a host of other conditions.

Alice had this to say on the results:

‘It’s not at all painful or embarrassing. In fact, it’s quite relaxing and there was certainly for me an almost immediate effect within 24 hours.” Adding: “Now I feel extra confident about my body…”

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