Clear Lift

Tighten, firm and resurface your skin without any numbing or needles required with a ClearLift laser facelift treatment from DD Clinical.

ClearLift laser facelift treatments utilize a powerful Pixel Q-Switch laser to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, sun spots, uneven skin tone and skin laxity.

This targeted light therapy stimulates collagen production underneath the skin’s surface and this new collagen is the key to a youthful glow and tight, lifted skin.

This innovative laser facelift procedure is virtually pain-free with absolutely no downtime. As a result, it’s even suitable for use on delicate areas such as the face, neck and decollete.

This ease of treatment has earned ClearLift the nickname ‘the lunchtime facelift’ because it only takes 20 minutes to complete the procedure.

Afterwards, you can continue your daily routine as normal without any visible signs of treatment while your skin regenerates from inside out.

At A Glance

Procedure Time

30 minutes

Full Recovery


Back To Work



Up to 6 months after last treatment


None required

Duration of Results

6-9 months

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Indications for treatment:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles on face and neck
  • Prevention of signs of ageing
  • Skin laxity
  • Pigmentation and dark scars
  • Dark eye circles and puffy under-eyes
  • Excessive pore size

Ares that can be treated:

  • Face
  • Neck
  • Chest
  • Hands
  • “Lunchtime” Non-surgical Face Lift Procedure
  • Virtually Painless
  • Zero Downtime
  • No Anaesthesia
  • Safe for All Skin Types

The cutting-edge non-ablative laser crosses through the epidermis completely to target the dermal layer deep beneath the skin, triggering controlled wound healing. You won’t see or feel the tiny heat points that are created, but you will notice the results. The body produces collagen to heal the points where the laser was applied, by a natural biological process resulting in total regeneration of the skin with no pain or downtime.

A course of 6 – 12 treatments are required 2 – 4 weeks apart.

Prices from: £120 – £250

Please note additional saving can be made when purchasing a course of treatment.

We offer complimentary consultations in advance of all procedures during which all prices will be discussed prior to treatment.

There is no down time associated with this treatment however we always recommend that you wear SPF 50 daily after any laser treatment.

Clear Lift treatment at DD Clinical

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