CO2 Laser (Mole, Warts, Skin Tags & Cyst Removal)

Skin irregularities on the face and body can often have a significant influence on the way we perceive ourselves and as a result, have an impact on the way we feel.

Acne scars can linger in areas of the face indefinitely from childhood, while fine lines and wrinkles begin to appear later on in life as we age.

However, there is a way to help reduce the appearance of skin imperfection without resorting to drastic surgical solutions with a pixel CO2 laser skin resurfacing treatment.

Laser skin resurfacing has been used by medical practitioners for many years and is effective at treating all sorts of skin complaints, from sun damage to blotchiness and scarring.

It’s also safe to use on the delicate eyelid skin, and around the mouth, so it’s possible to treat your entire face.

At DD Clinical, we use the latest technology to ensure the best results that will restore your skin and enhance your natural glow.

At A Glance

Procedure Time

30 minutes-2 hours

Full Recovery

2-10 days

Back To Work

48 hours-7 days


Immediate-six months



Duration of Results

Up to a year *

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Fractional or “pixilated” carbon dioxide (CO2) lasers offer an advanced non-surgical skin rejuvenation treatment, also known as laser skin resurfacing. They are effective in reducing a range of imperfections on the delicate skin on the face, including around the eyes and mouth.

At DD Clinical, we use the latest pixel CO2 laser technology, which delivers short-pulsed light energy in a pattern. This means thousands of little beams of light penetrate the layers of your skin, causing tiny shafts that the body naturally repairs by pushing out the old damaged skin and replacing it. The collateral heat damage also helps to shrink existing collagen.

The types of skin issues that these lasers are effective in treating include:

  • fine wrinkles
  • deep wrinkles
  • textural changes from sun damage
  • blotchiness
  • uneven pigmentation
  • acne scars
  • skin tags
  • verrucae and warts
  • surgical or traumatic scars.

Femilift is also CO2 laser treatment for intimate feminine issues.

First, you’ll be invited for a complimentary consultation to talk through the procedure and any concerns you may have. One of our clinicians will take a full medical history, offer advice on before and aftercare and answer your questions.

The treatment itself

If you decide to go ahead, we’ll apply an anaesthetic cream to numb your skin. Then, the clinician uses an applicator to guide the lasers on to the treatment area.

The length of time it takes to administer the treatment depends on the size and depth of the treatment area. It can be anything from 30 minutes to two hours. Some people prefer to have two lighter treatments as they require less downtime afterwards.

For many years, Pixel CO2 lasers have been a fast-healing alternative to surgery that has little risk of adverse side effects. They are a minimally invasive treatment, and our expert clinicians use the latest technology to ensure the best results.

There are some common side effects after a pixel CO2 laser skin treatment that will reduce over time. You’ll likely have swelling, redness, and some discomfort in the treated area for a few days, then your skin will dry out and begin to peel. These reactions can be anything from mild to significant depending on the depth of your treatment.

Once the skin heals, it may remain red for up to three months, and there can be changes in the pigmentation. After the initial healing process, you can cover this with light make-up. Some people prefer to have two lighter treatments rather than a deep one so they can speed up the recovery time.

We’ll discuss all the risks and side effects, plus any other concerns you have, in detail at your initial complimentary face-to-face consultation.

We customise the Pixel CO2 laser treatment for each condition, so the recovery time and aftercare requirements vary from person to person. A deep treatment will take longer to heal than a shallow one. Either way, you need to factor in anything from 2-3 days to a week and a half for downtime.

In the days following your treatment, an ice pack can help with any swelling and redness. You’ll also need to clean the treated area regularly, and we’ll advise you on moisturisers and ointments to apply to support the healing process. Once the swelling reduces, it’s normal for your skin to dry out and begin to peel for a few days.

After this stage, you can begin to apply light makeup to cover the redness. It’s important to avoid direct sunlight and use a high-factor sunscreen for six months after your treatment. As the colour returns to normal, you’ll have fewer lines, less blotchiness, and an enhanced glow.

Pixel CO2 laser treatments must be performed by an experienced medical practitioner. At DD Clinical, our clinicians receive ongoing training and use the latest technology so you can be sure you are in safe hands.

This laser treatment cannot be used if you have:

  • broken skin or current acne
  • high blood pressure.

We’ll advise you on alternatives to pixel CO2 lasers if required.

Pixel CO2 laser resurfacing for the full face costs around £3000. For a smaller area, we’ll assess the treatment required during your initial consultation and offer an appropriate price.

Usually, an additional session is required after one year for maintenance.

Pixel CO2 Laser at DD Clinical Chester

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