Weak Jaw

For both men and women, a strong and defined jawline and chin is a highly desirable facial feature. It offers a better framing of the face and a thinner profile overall, which is a preferred appearance over a weaker jawline.

A weak jawline can be defined by a few key factors. For most people, a hallmark characteristic of a weak jawline is a receding chin, where the chin is set back from the face. 

However, a weak jawline may also mean a jawline that is round and puffy, or poorly defined. Either which can impact a person’s confidence in their appearance.

What causes a weak chin?

A weak jawline is usually caused by two things:

  • Genetics: You were born with a narrow or round jawline, and your jawline might not be prominent as the jaw bone is extremely close to the neck.
  • Excess Fat: The fat around the neck area completely covers the jawline thus making it invisible.

Effective treatment options to redefine your face

Here at DD Clinical, we can transform your jawline using dermal filler to sculpt and define, and when combined with our accent prime we can also lift and tighten the skin for a more contoured appearance.

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