Bump on Nose

Many people suffer from bumps, humps and hook-like noses, which can really impact an individual’s self-confidence in public.

Known as a dorsal bump, it is made up of excess bone and cartilage. The appearance of the bump can be genetic, or as a result of an injury or accident which causes the nose to become misshapen. 

Reliable and safe treatment for bumps on the nose

The brilliant news is that the non-surgical rhinoplasty or nose correction is safe, less expensive than surgery, and clinically proven to work. The results are immediate and there is no real downtime associated with the procedure.

Dermal filler is placed under the skin in a precise location so that the nose looks straight and even.  

Previous trauma, a fractured nose, or previous surgical nose correction might be a contraindication to the procedure, therefore a consultation with our specialist is essential prior to the treatment. Also, sometimes a combination of dermal filler together with a muscle relaxant injectable might be needed in order to achieve brilliant results.

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