Bags Under Eyes

Dark under eyes circles and puffy eye bags , often hereditary conditions , now can be effectively  corrected with under eyes fillers,  sometimes called, “tear-trough filler”.  The dark shadows are caused by loss of fat volume under the eye.  In certain ethnic categories the dark circles are caused by ethnic pigmentation. In this case the dermal filler under eye will accentuate the color. That is the reason  you must have a full and thorough consultation with our clinicians.  At DD Clinical , all our aesthetic practitioners received specialist training in dealing with tear -troughs and performed hundreds of treatment with excellent results.

Contrary to the belief , the procedure is not painful and a cannula ( blunt, safe needle) is used to deposit the filler under eye. The results are immediate and lasts for 12-18 months. Our clinicians use the best dermal fillers available for this delicate area. Often a second treatment is needed therefore all patient will have a follow up appointment booked at 2 weeks after procedure. We also combine this with Clear lift laser for maximum results which helps to destroy the pigment and rejuvenate the skin from within.

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