Wide Jaw

The “square-jawed” look is usually the result of overdeveloped masseter muscles which are attached at the angle of the jaw and control mastication. For some women, a wide jaw can be perceived as an unattractive trait and masculine and can also lower confidence levels. 

Whilst in men this is a desirable feature, the ladies will prefer a more slimming, triangular look. Thanks to clinical treatments, this can be achieved by injecting muscle relaxant injections in the enlarged jaw muscle. 

Why do I have a wide jaw?

A squared or wide jaw is simply down to genetics. One other known cause is Acromegaly. This is a hormonal disorder that causes your bones to increase in size and is usually developed during adulthood.

Effective Masseter reduction treatment

At DD Clinical, we offer our clients a full consultation before any treatment is offered. This allows us to fully assess your requirements and the desired look you would like to see. 

If you are conscious of your wide jaw, then our masseter reduction (jaw slimming) treatment is what you need. This simple yet effective treatment will leave you with a smooth, heart-shaped jawline appearance with softening of the contour of the lower facial area. 

The procedure is completely painless, the effects lasting 8-12 weeks.

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