Marionette Lines

Marionette lines are the vertical lines that start at the corners of the mouth down to either side of the chin. They start to appear by the late 30’s or early 40’s, but the age when they become noticeable varies considerably.

The sagging appearance of the skin around the mouth area can make a person look sad or unhappy all the time, which can have a negative impact on their self-confidence. 

The natural ageing process plays a huge part in changing the way our face looks. So as we age, the skin starts losing moisture and with it the firmness and elasticity that it once had.

Advantages of using dermal fillers for marionette lines

Loss of volume in the cheeks and lateral sides of the face causes the lines on the sides of the mouth. Therefore restoring the volume lost in the cheeks, jaw and sides will lift the entire face. Here are some of the other benefits:

  • Non-surgical treatment
  • Visibly reduces the appearance of wrinkles around the mouth
  • Proven and effective
  • Long lasting results

Effective treatment for marionette lines

Marionette lines are really common, and our lifestyle choices such as smoking and excessive sun exposure can make the wrinkles a lot worse and more prominent.

At DD Clinical, we offer an injection of dermal filler with a cannula along the marionette lines that is designed to soften the lines and improve the look of the entire face.

Sometimes the practitioners might add an injection to lift up the corners of the mouth thus creating a happier look

Our clients have had fantastic results from this treatment and we ensure each of our clients receive a tailored consultation to ensure they are receiving the best possible treatment option for their skin type. 

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