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Lip Fillers


… because nothing compares to a naturally beautiful smile!

Full, sensuous, beautiful lips are essential feel good factors. They make us look younger and more vibrant and make us feel more confident and attractive.

Thin lips, wrinkles, fine lines, a lack of definition in the cupids bow… all of these things can make us feel, and even look, miserable. Make-up doesn’t help much; lipstick should be used to enhance what we have, not cover up what we don’t and lipstick applied to cover wrinkles is prone to ‘bleeding’ – seeping into the unwanted fine lines and making them look even worse!

We all lose lip definition and plumpness as we get older – and some of us simply don’t have the lips we want regardless of age. The good news is you don’t have to settle for what you’ve got. Whatever your age, gender or reasons, hyaluronic dermal fillers are a simple and cost effective way to enhance your natural beauty.

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How do lip fillers work?

Hyaluronic Acid is a naturally occurring protein used to formulate a synthetic gel, which is gently injected into the ‘problem areas’ of the lips to plump them out, reduce wrinkles and enhance shape. The gel provides an extra layer under the skin to give it a better foundation and Hyaluronic Acid naturally attracts water so keeps the areas plump and hydrated. Our fillers are produced by major pharmaceutical companies, applied by medical practitioners, extensively tested and proven to be completely safe.

What can dermal fillers do for lips?

Extra volume can be added to the main body of the lips and to the peaks of the cupids bow (the little v-shaped dip in the middle of the top lip); the vermillion border (the edge of the lips where they meet the skin of the face) can be given extra definition and fine lines can be plumped out to make them far less visible.

Do lip fillers give you a permanent pout?

No – forget images of Angelina Jolie – you’ll be given a full consultation before any treatment and our expertly qualified medical practitioners will plan with you the areas and amount of treatment needed to give you a fully natural look. Lips are sensitive and very receptive to treatment so a little goes a long way. We’ll make sure you look youthful and beautiful and no one will ever know you’ve had anything done – unless you choose to tell them.

Unless of course you want a full A.J. pout; that can be arranged too!

It is painful?

Lips are sensitive so we apply a local anaesthetic before we go ahead with the injections, which also have a built in anaesthetic. The treatment may feel a little uncomfortable but there’s no reason for it to be painful; we’ll take every care to avoid as much discomfort as possible and the results will be totally worth it!

What’s the recovery time?

Unlike dermal fillers in other areas, we don’t recommend an immediate return to work. Lips do tend to feel a little bruised and swollen immediately after the treatment and this can last for a couple of days, so to make sure you feel as confident as possible we recommend timing the treatment carefully. The results however are instant and you can apply make-up immediately after treatment.

How long do lip fillers take and how long does it last?

The treatment typically takes about 30-40 minutes and the effects last for 3 to 6 months. For a lasting effect we recommend repeat treatments every 3-4 months. The gel is naturally reabsorbed into the body over time and because it’s made from naturally occurring proteins it has no side effects. In fact, as it’s reabsorbed it reverts into water and carbon dioxide; no toxins.

What will my first lip fillers appointment be like?

Our qualified medical practitioners will carry out a full consultation before undertaking any treatment. It’s important to understand your medical history and any medications you may be taking. (We recommend that before your treatment you avoid alcohol and anti-inflammatory medicines for 24 hours as these can increase the risk of bruising.) Following the consultation there is no obligation to go ahead with the treatment but if you’ve made up your mind it can be carried out on the same day. There’s no pressure and if you want to make another appointment and have some time to think about it that’s absolutely fine.

It doesn’t matter whether age has started to rob you of the lips you once had, or whether you didn’t have the lips you wanted to start with; lip enhancement can give you the full, sensual and most importantly natural look that you crave.