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What is Body Contouring & is it Right for Me?

January 2020

You may have heard about body contouring and the benefits that come with it, within the past few years more and more clinics and dermatologists across the U.K have started to introduce the procedure to clients. However, If this is your first time hearing about body contouring, There are some questions that you probably need answering, What is body contouring?, How does it? and is body contouring right for me?

What is body contouring?

Body contouring is an aesthetic procedure for patients looking to improve the quality of elasticity in their skin, it is very popular amongst patients to reduce the appearance of cellulite and to tighten skin post weight loss.

How does it work?

Alma Accent Lasers are used for the treatment of body contouring, “The treatment works by delivering energy to the treatment area which is distributed homogeneously”. The laser energy selectively targets and destroys fat cells in the body, while leaving the surrounding muscles and tissue unharmed. Fat cells are stubborn and require heat to move and reduce them. Alma lasers offer deep thermal energy laser that when disrupting fat cells, the out skins collagen is improved and tightens the area the laser is in contact with.

A benefit of body contouring is that it can be applied to most areas of the body, at D.D Clinical “We can treat your abdomen, hips, thighs, buttocks”, The entire procedure is nonsurgical, noninvasive and doesn’t require any recovery time.

Is body contouring right for me?

If you have recently gone through weight loss or have saggy skin, then body contouring is right for you. The ideal patient would not have unrealistic expectations of the procedure. while body contouring can improve weight loss – it should not be used solely for that cause.

Patients will usually see improvement within two weeks of the procedure, cellulite would be reduced and fat bulges will be significantly decreased.

Non- invasive therapies typically require a session of treatments to see continuous results

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Body contouring is FDA approved, and at D.D clinical all of our dermatologists and clinicians are trained to the highest standard. We use Alma Accent Prime technology and always see results.

Technical information has been provided by Alma Lasers

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