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What you need to know about the Soprano Ice Titanium Laser Hair Removal

November 2021

Unwanted body hair is a major concern for both men and women. You end up spending huge amounts of money and time on temporary hair removal solutions such as waxing, shaving, threading etc, but ultimately the hair always grows back. 

Now is a perfect time to consider a more permanent solution! With the Soprano Laser Ice hair removal treatment, you can wave goodbye to daily shaving and messy waxing sessions. This state of the art technology is the latest in laser hair removal offering proven and effective results. It is the most up to date triband technology and takes half the time to complete a session compared to earlier models. Full legs can only take up to 15 mins! It’s the fastest and most effective yet! 

Not heard of the Soprano Ice Titanium Laser? Not to worry, We’ve put together a list of things you should know about this amazing laser. 

1: Virtually pain-free

At DD Clinical, we use the Soprano Ice Laser hair removal device for one of the reasons being that it is pain-free. No one enjoys a painful experience, especially if there are more than 1 treatment session involved. 

With the Soprano Titanium Laser, you don’t need to worry about the pain. The laser uses ICE™ technology that helps to cool the surface of the skin to stop overheating. Compared to other lasers, the soprano ice offers a comfortable hair removal experience. 

2: Suitable for all skin types

Soprano ICE laser claims to be the safest laser hair removal treatment for skin types, from 1-6 (1 fairest skin tones – 6 darkest skin tones). This laser is also ideal for those who have sensitive skin. At DD Clinical, we always recommend a patch test prior to any treatment to confirm suitability. 

3: Usually shows effective results after 6-8 sessions

Most people begin to see optimal results between 6-8 treatments. During each treatment, we will treat hairs at different stages of their cycle. Most clients are expected to see approximately a 10-15% reduction in hair per treatment. More resilient areas may require further treatment sessions.

4: Pre care advice

It’s necessary to shave any area before the laser treatment to ensure the session is effective and safe. We recommend you shave at least 8 hours before the appointment time to give your skin enough time to calm down and reduce redness.

We also advise you to avoid prolonged sun exposure or sunbathing 2 days before and after the treatment. 

5: Post care advice

Some people do experience mild sensitivity or redness in treated areas. So we recommend using cold Aloe Vera gel to help soothe and calm the area. After the treatment session, avoid hot baths, showers and saunas and also swimming as the chemicals in the water may cause irritation. Always remember to use SPF 30-50 to protect your skin from sunlight. 

The DD team is always available to provide continuing advice and support even after your final session is complete.

To learn more about Soprano Ice Titanium Laser Hair Removal, please contact us here at DD Clinical today!

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