Covid 19

I am writing to you to let you know of some important developments here at DD Clinical. As you know, all aesthetics practices in the UK were instructed to close in late March due to the Coronavirus pandemic. We are preparing to reopen later in June 2020, or at worst in July, but this depends on the advice from Public Health England and the Government of England.

What are we doing right now at DD Clinical?

Although the clinic is closed, I am working very hard for long hours to plan for our return. I am privileged to be part of an elite group of practices and we have been working together to study all aspects of how best to help you and our team. Currently, with limited support or guidance from the Government, we have taken it upon ourselves to research and assimilate information about many topics related to the challenge posed by Covid-19. Our aim is to create a robust “gold standard” of precautionary procedures and protocols that will protect our patients and staff to ensure we are all as safe as possible in every situation. This goes far and above any recommendations likely to be put in place by the NHS authorities. Let me explain in some detail about our plans: –

Before you visit us:

We will give you a courtesy call to ask about your general health as well as asking you about any signs and symptoms of coughs, colds and other signs of respiratory infections. We will also ask about the well-being of anyone in your close family circle. Your appointments will be scheduled on the telephone, and in order to help maintain social distancing we will ask you to pre-pay for your treatment if possible planned for the day. This will greatly help limit your waiting time at the practice and help prevent the build-up of significant numbers of people together in our waiting area. These measures are highly recommended and are based on the proven best practices in certain countries, where they have returned to work.

When you arrive:

We will ask that you buzz the intercom provide you name and car and then request that you kindly wait in your car until we are ready for you in which case we will collect you and take your temperature prior to entering the clinic. We will ask you to wash and sterilise your hands thoroughly and use an anti-viral mouthwash to cleanse your mouth and throat.

You will then be provided with protective disposable gloves, masks and gowns. Should you need to remove your mask for treatment you will be allowed to do so once in the treatment room as your practitioner will be adequately covered and dresses in PPE.

The steps required to prepare ourselves and the treatment room:

In an unprecedented endeavour, we have taken many steps to protect the safety of our team and our patients: –

1. As a Team, when we arrive at the practice we will get changed into our work clothes and change again before we leave the premises.

2. All surfaces including door handles, flushes in our washrooms, etc will be disinfected regularly using a special product that is proven to be 80 times more effective than bleach and highly effective against Covid-19, and yet is not toxic to people.

3. We will be using lots of extra layers of protection for you and our team. This includes high grade masks , gowns, hats, eye protection and visors – we are sorry, but we will sometimes look like we are in a hospital! We have already procured an initial order of relevant PPE, and we aim to surpass the guidelines the NHS will set in due course.

4. New air purification and disinfection units – as you know, Covid-19 is an airborne virus and even when simply breathing and speaking infected people can accidentally expose others to risk. To protect you and the team, we have invested in very high specification air purification units of the type commonly used in hospitals in many parts of the World. These purify the and clean the air, and are especially effective against Covid-19.

5. Patients at high risk – we are aware that some of you are deemed higher risk patients, e.g. the elderly and people with certain health problems. We will discuss with you when we book your appointments any special requirements you may have and I emphasise your well-being is our number one priority and as a result you may not be able to attend the clinic.

6. Extra staff training – by the time we are back, ALL of our staff will be expert in the latest methods of caring for our patients. We will make sure that all the work surfaces are cleaned thoroughly between patients, and allow adequate time for the air purification and disinfection system to clean the air.

So, as you can see we are taking every conceivable reasonable step we can to take care of your wellbeing. However, rest assured that we will treat you with our customary good humour and of course kindness and respect. We love helping our patients at DD Clinical, and we will do everything we can to assist you.

As soon as we know our reopening date, we will start calling patients who had scheduled treatments planned in April, May and June, which we may have cancelled, in the mean time we have also opened a waiting list that you may wish to join to make a new booking, should you wish to do so please text 07921597661 with your name and treatment interest. I know that we will be extremely busy, however if you have particularly urgent needs please do let us know and we will make every effort to help. As a team, we have decided to offer some extended opening hours if needed and of course we will prioritise urgent treatments. If you would like to speak with us we will be sure to help and advise you. My mobile number is 07921507661 please do not hesitate to call me if you have any issue, or would like to have a chat.

These are unusual and tough times for all of us, thank you for your patience!

New Patients are welcome – even now

Whilst we are home bound due to the lockdown, if you have a friend or family member who needs advice, then I would recommend the following: –

1. Have a detailed look at our informative website

2. Call me on 07921597661 to discuss any concerns. I can even arrange a complimentary WhatsApp or Facetime call to get to know the person better. We can then arrange a mutually convenient initial consultation face to face, when we are back.

As a Team, we assure you of our best attention at all times. Please keep safe.