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Filter Free skin transformation

June 2021

Filters, facetuning apps and other augmented-reality tools allow us to shape-shift our faces more than ever and lots of us are guilty of it…. but where does that leave our SELF CONFIDENCE? 

Our Filter Free Transformation campaign is open to everyone! Whatever your skin type, skin concern, age or sex – we want to help you feel happy healthy and fresh-faced!

Our core value at DD Clinical is to promote the confidence in our clients by helping them to reach their skin goals whether this is:





To this, we want to help our clients feel comfortable and confident in their own skin and help to remove the filter and go ‘Filter Free’. This transformation will be over a three month period to enable clients and our team of skin experts to see each individual’s results.

Clients who take part in the skin transformation will purchase DD Clinical’s Restore & Repair serum and a Bespoke hydrafacial to kick start their journey. This is valued at £315 however now it is £168.  We further will be supporting our clients with fortnightly emails with skin tips, tricks and advice to help optimise their skin results, as well as two complimentary skin consultations with Managing Director Daniela Dobbin.

Even better… one lucky client will receive £1000 worth of treatments.

DD Clinical have further decided to donate 10% of our proceedings to a local charity.

Are you up for the transformation?

Book your FREE consultation today with one of our highly skilled and trained consultants to help you achieve healthy, glowing, filters free skin. 



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