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Non-surgical booty lift that actually works!

June 2021

Although technology and medicine have evolved over the years the one thing that still remains the same is that people are always looking for different ways to change or improve their appearance. 

Thanks to huge advancements in the aesthetic surgery industry, you now have the option to enhance various parts of your body, without having to undergo painful and invasive procedures. 

In this post, we’ll be discussing our latest treatment available, which is the Brazillian bum lift and how it can help give your booty the lift it needs! 

The problem? Sagging bum

Even with the help from a professional trainer, focused exercises and a strict diet, it can be quite difficult to target one area of your body. It can also be quite stressful and frustrating to not get the results you are looking for even after all the hard work at the gym.

Or sometimes, natural causes such as ageing – (something that we have zero control over) can drastically change your appearance and make you feel less confident in your own skin.

Solution? The non-invasive surgical bum lift

If you’re looking for a fuller booty to compete with the likes of Beyonce and Kim Kardashian then our non-surgical Brazillian bum lift can be the solution for you. 

Unlike the traditional procedure, this treatment doesn’t require any invasive incisions or significant downtime. Instead, it uses a safe long-lasting filler to add volume, curve and shape to your buttocks without going under the knife.

So what causes saggy and soft buttocks?

There are many reasons why people experience a saggy bum. Some of which are listed below:

  • Lack of exercise 
  • Weight gain – excess in calorie intake
  • Sitting down for long periods of time
  • Natural ageing process
  • Pregnancy
  • Sun damage

The combination of these factors can cause skin looseness, excess fat accumulation and cellulite and water retention on the bum area. This will change the appearance of the bottom causing it to look droopy, sagging, and the skin will be spongy to touch.

How can a bum lift treatment help?

Our non-surgical buttock lift treatment is the perfect solution to get the bum you’ve been dreaming of! At DD Clinical, our qualified team of professionals use dermal fillers to fill and increase the volume in the bum area. 

On the day of the procedure, the doctor will apply local anaesthesia to the buttock area to prevent the injections from causing pain or discomfort. Next, the filler will be injected into the area and after the application, a massage will be carried out on the treated area so that the product spreads evenly.

Just like any other body treatment procedure, there can be certain risks involved so it’s always best to speak to a professional and qualified clinician who can give you a full consultation and suggest the best treatment option for your issues.

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