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B12 Booster

It used to be thought that only strict vegetarians could develop a vitamin B12 deficiency, but now we know that’s just not true.

Vitamin B12 deficiency (pernicious anaemia) and depletion is much more common than we thought. In fact, we now think that almost one in four people over 60 have low levels of this vital vitamin and there are signs that other age groups, those with dietary restrictions and those taking medications such as Metformin have less than optimal levels of B12 too. Pernicious anaemia is far more common in women than men and the depletion of Vitamin B12 often coincides with the menopause so symptoms may be incorrectly attributed to changing hormone levels.

There are 2 ways of becoming deficient in vitamin B12: either you aren’t getting enough in your diet and /or you are losing the ability to be able to absorb it.

Without adequate blood levels of Vitamin B12, you can experience:

  • low energy (Vitamin B12 is a nutrient your body cannot do without for efficient, healthy metabolism of fats and carbohydrates into energy).
  • mental fatigue
  • mood changes
  • sleep difficulties
  • and even occasional indigestion.

Our Vitamin B12 Booster.

Our Vitamin B12 booster provides a quick and easy solution to maintaining your blood levels of this vital nutrient. The vitamin is injected straight into the tissues and then passes into the bloodstream, therefore bypassing the unreliable absorption of the gut.

If your Vitamin B12 level is very depleted you will be offered weekly injections for a month, then monthly injections for 3 months then twice yearly. Your levels will be monitored with blood tests which will inform the schedule.

For more information visit IV Nutrition.

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